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About Think Machine

Think Machine is inspired by the early days of computing, hypertext and information systems.

The early pioneers of computing imagined thinking machines—computers that augmented and amplified intelligence.

Instead we got the dopamine data feed, on networks we don't own, running algorithms we don't control.

Think Machine aims to be a step in the other direction. It's open-source, you can hack on it and run modify it. It's based on ThinkableType, a knowledge graph language, that's also open-source. It runs locally, and produces files you can save, share and backup. It can integrate with local AI's to give you a 100% local, private, AI-powered knowledge graph.

It's about giving you control of an important corner of your life—your information.

Think Machine was created by The Maximalist, a company aiming to create sustainable open-source software that's good for you.