Think Machine — Multidimensional Mind Mapping Think Machine — Multidimensional Mind Mapping

Multidimensional Mind Mapping

Organize your complex ideas

Think Machine is a powerful 3d mind mapper with AI built in. It's the best way to visualize your thoughts and research new ideas.

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Traditional mind mapping tools lose the forest for the trees

Old-school mind mappers lose information. They force everything into a 2D hierarchy, making it harder to brainstorm.

Think Machine let's you represent information as simple or as complex as you want—it's up to you.

Information isn't neat—it's all tangled up! Which is exactly what Think Machine is great at—showing and exploring the connections between pieces of information.

Think Machine — Multidimensional Mind Mapping

3D Mind Mapping

Visualize complex information

The world is messy, and real information reflects that.

Think Machine lets you visualize your information in 3D, making it easier to see the connections between your data.

Pan, fly, zoom or orbit your way around your most interesting knowledge!


Research and explore ideas

Think Machine works best for brainstorming—when you're exploring an idea.

Build a knowledge graph piece by piece, and understand how everything connects.

Perfect for going deep and gaining intuition on any idea!

Find Connections

Discover hidden connections

Connections are first class citizens in Think Machine.

Scale up (or down) the interconnectedness of your knowledge graph.

Find a thread, and start pulling. Discover how two different ideas connect!


Learn with AI

Think Machine helps make sense of your data with AI's like ChatGPT.

Figure out how ideas connect or learn more about a topic in natural language.

Knowledge Graphs and Chat are powerful tools for getting amazing results out of AI.

Think Machine is perfect for

Learn visually
Deeper understanding of material
Connect theory with practice
Map uncharted territories
Understand complex data
Find undiscovered connections
Project Managers
Brainstorm project roadmap
Visualize project flywheel
Resolve bottlenecks
Build creative maps
Develop complex narratives
Create a cohesive plot
Plan strategy
Market analysis
Network Effect modeling
Create immersive learning
Build curriculum maps
Improve classroom engagement
Design information architecture
Brainstorm ideas
Create customer journeys
Visualize customer journeys
Brainstorm branding
Plan growth strategy
Health Care Professional
Map history and treatment plan
Visualize complex medical data
Better coordination with team

AI Knowledge Graphs

Explore knowledge graphs with AI

AI generation is built into Think Machine, to help research and brainstorm.

Enter any topic and instantly create a knowledge graph of the subject.

Think Machine works out of the box with every popular Large Language Model (LLM), including GPT-4, Claude-3, Google Gemini and local models.

Quickly add new data

It's as simple as A, B, C

Think Machine makes it easy to add new data and connections quickly. Just starting typing and hit enter!

When you type, Think Machine will autosuggest based on your existing knowledge graph.

Search and filter

Down the rabbit hole...

Think Machine makes it easy to search for information.

Search in the top box, or click an existing item.

Think Machine will intelligently expand out the HyperGraph based on the context you want, making it easy to explore the details while keeping the big picture in mind.


Reduce knowledge graph dimensions

Think Machine can also work in 2D, like more traditional mind mappers.

The ability to quickly toggle between the two gives even more ways to understand and explore your data.

Think Machine is the best way to visualize complex information, brainstorm and learn new ideas.
Think Machine — Multidimensional Mind Mapping

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Visualize complex ideas
Research and explore information
Brainstorm and find connections
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