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AI Generate

Generate AI knowledge graphs with Think Machine

Think Machine lets you generate AI knowledge graphs to supercharge your learning.

Make sure you're in Generate Mode by selecting Generate above the input box or pressing Cmd+2.

Then type anything you want to generate and hit Enter.

Click to Generate

In Generate Mode you can also click on any symbol to generate a knowledge graph from it.

This makes it incredibly fast to expand your knowledge graph with AI generated information.

Changing LLMs

Think Machine works with all the popular LLM providers.

Changing which LLM you want to generate with is easy, simply select AI Settings from the lower left Settings Menu and select the model you want to use.

On the web Think Machine automatically provides API keys for convenience.

On desktop, you can use your own API keys and models.

When to use AI with mind mapping?

Think Machine works great when you want to put every single item in yourself.

But brainstorming with AI is a powerful way to explore new ideas—especially when you already have information you already know well.

It can help you see new perspectives and find connected concepts you didn't previously know about.


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