Think Machine — Multidimensional Mind Mapping
Multidimensional Mind Mapping App

Introducing Think Machine

A new multidimensional mind mapping app

Think Machine is a way to build knowledge graphs how you think.

Traditional mind mappers lose the forest for the trees. They remove important information so everything fits into rigid hierarchies.

Think Machine embraces the chaos by giving you dozens of tools. Create, explore, brainstorm and visualize knowledge like never before.

If you want to understand your information inside and out—Think Machine is for you!

It works how you think

Think Machine lets you decide the shape and structure of your information. This is useful to build knowledge graphs that feel right to you.

You get more out of brainstorming when you can connect new information to what you already know.

AI Brainstorming

Think Machine works with every popular LLM! With AI brainstorming, you can create knowledge graphs on any subject.

Build out a knowledge graph, then generate a new topic and see how they connect.


Connections are first-class citizens in Think Machine. Information cannot be neatly divided or organized into a hierarchy. It's all tangled up!

Think Machine lets you control how data in your knowledge graph connects with the click of a button.

Down the rabit hole...

Part of seeing the forest and the trees is being able to explore a subset of the knowledge graph. While you do this, you still want to see how it connects to other parts.

Searching and filtering are core concepts in Think Machine. You can click any symbol to filter down to see it's connections.

You can keep clicking to explore more, or scale up the depth of connections to walk the knowledge graph out.

Think Machine lets you find a thread and pull it until you end up back where you started, with a new perspective.

2D and 3D Knowledge Graphs

Think Machine specializes in 3D knowledge graphs. But sometimes a different perspective can help you understand your data better.

With the click of a button you can switch to 2D mode. Get all the same benefits of Think Machine, in a more traditional mind mapping interface.

Hypertext on Hypergraphs

Think Machine builds on Thinkable Type, an open-source knowledge graph toolkit.

Thinkable Type is a language for information—a structureless structure. It combines the ideas of hypertext and hypergraphs into something new.

These projects work together as a frontend and backend. They create a simple information environment with powerful tools that you control.

Thinkable Type

Think Machine is perfect for

  • Students to learn and connect theory with practice
  • Researchers to understand complex data and find undiscovered connections
  • Project managers to brainstorm project roadmaps and remove bottlenecks
  • Writers to build creative maps and develop complex narratives
  • Entreprenuers to analyse markets and model network effects
  • Teachers to create immersive learning and improve classroom engagement
  • Designers to brainstorm information architecture and customer journeys
  • Marketers to brainstorm branding and growth strategies
  • Health care professionals to visualize complex medical data
  • And a whole lot more!

Use Think Machine

The fastest way to try Think Machine is on the web:

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You can also download Think Machine to your local machine and run everything with greater privacy. You can even run LLM models on your local machine for even more control.

Think Machine is also open-source, so you fork, change and run the code yourself.


Think Machine is inspired by the early days of computing, hypertext and information systems.

The early pioneers of computing imagined thinking machines. Computers that augmented and amplified intelligence.

Created by The Maximalist, an open-source software company.

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Posted 3/24/2024