Think Machine — Multidimensional Mind Mapping
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Add Information

Learn how to add new information and connections to your knowledge graph

Adding information in Think Machine is easy, just start typing. You don't even have to select the text box first.

Once you've typed something, hit Enter. You've just created your first symbol!

Note: Make sure you're in Add Mode by selecting Add above the input box or pressing Cmd+1.

Creating Connections

Notice at the top left, your symbol was also added to the screen. This means you're now building a connection.

Type something else, and hit Enter to create your first connection.

Notice again at the top left, your new symbol was added as well.

You can keep adding new symbols and Think Machine will keep building connections between them.

Click to Add

In Add Mode you can also click on any symbol to add it to the connection.

This makes it easy to visually connect two parts of the graph without typing.

Clearing Connections

When you're done with a connection, you can quickly clear it by hitting Enter with nothing in the text field.

This makes it easy to add a new connection and then start fresh.

Removing Connections

But what if you just want to remove the last symbol?

Hitting Backspace will remove the last symbol you added, when there's nothing in the text box.

If you keep hitting Backspace, you can remove all the symbols you've added, one by one.

You can also click one of the symbols at the top left to remove it from the connection. This makes it easy to remove symbols from the middle while keeping the start and end.


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