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Use AI to chat with your knowledge graph

Chatting with your knowledge graph is a powerful way to understand your data.

To get started, select Chat at the top input or press Cmd+4.

Ask any question about your graph and Think Machine will answer.

Explaining Connections

Think Machine Chat knows the connections between your symbols.

You can ask it to explain how one idea connects to another and it will walk you through all of the connections.

Explaining Concepts

Think Machine Chat can also explain concepts in more detail.

What's really powerful is that it can explain concepts in the context of your knowledge graph.

So even with a single word chat, you can get a detailed explanation of how it fits into your data.

Click to Chat

In chat mode, you can click on any node to chat about it.

Because Think Machine knows the context of your knowledge graph, the response is detailed and accurate for the subject you're researching.

Change AI Models

Think Machine ships with the latest AI models to help you chat with your knowledge graph.

You can even change the model mid-way through a conversation and see if you get a better response.

To reset the message history, close the chat window, and open it again.

Move and Resize

Move the chat window around and resize it to fit your screen.

You can continue using Think Machine while chatting.

Learn More

Read our Chat with your Knowledge Graph blog post for more information.


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