Think Machine — Multidimensional Mind Mapping
Multidimensional Mind Mapping App


Learn about AI in Think Machine

Think Machine is a multidimensional mind mapper with AI built in.

Which AI? Any AI!

Go to the Settings Menu in the bottom left corner, and select AI Settings. Then select the AI model you want to use.

Think Machine Web

Think Machine on the web automatically ships with the most popular LLM models, you can switch between them with a click.

Think Machine Desktop

Think Machine on the desktop can be setup to use your own API keys and your own models!

Select a Custom Model and specify a service, model and options. Use anything from LLM.js.


The current AI model will be used to generate knowledge graphs when you're in Generate Mode.


The current AI model will also be used to chat with knowledge graphs when you're in Chat Mode.


For questions please email [email protected]